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“ I felt so happy and relaxed because of her. She taught me not only yoga but also the way to live life being positive! ”

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Focus on a fit & healthy Lifestyle that will last forever.


A toolbox to build strength and flexibility while focusing on specific poses, body parts and movement.


Identify, open and strengthen the various physical and psychological components of one’s experience – fostering a kinder, clearer and altogether healthier and more mature relationship to one’s self and others.


Powerful practices that will help you relieve everyday stress while cultivating a calm and steady mind. From yoga practice, to pranayama, meditation and breath work.

Hi, I'm Nesa. It's great to see you!

I have been teaching yoga for the last 9 years. Originally from the Philippines, I have been living in the beautiful city of Gorinchem since 2017.

I can best describe my yoga style as (fun)ctional vinsaya yoga, with emphasise on fun. Yes, we train our body, but we never forget to laugh and enjoy while we sweat.

Part of my fitness philosophy is that I believe you only have one body and you can not buy spare parts. So we better take care of it!

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

In Lak'ech Ala K'in

  • Find What Feels Good

Exercises aimed at making you happier, more flexible and relaxed

Yoga is about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility.

  • Find your inner strength
  • Perfect your posture
  • Build muscle strength
  • Boost your immune system
  • Loose weight
  • Release tension

My Services

I teach Dynamic alignment based vinyasa flow and Power Yoga. Body centered to prevent injury. Inspired by years of personal practice and seeking to understand the needs of my students; I teach yoga from my heart, guiding students through a devotional asana, pranayama and meditative sequence that enables one to find a quiet mind. Delivering a light-hearted and secure atmosphere to encourage students to challenge themselves and make progress in their practice.

"We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all."

For beginners

  • Guiding you to the introduction of your practice by giving an easy to follow vinyasa flow that will help you getting started to your own personal practice.

For intermediate

  • Guiding you deeper in your asanas, pranayama and meditation practice to help you advance your yogic journey.

"It’s about what you learn on the way down"
"There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.” 

In depth

  • Entertaining, enlightening, authentic, life-changing insights how to live the healthy and positive lifestyle that goes way beyond just what shapes you can make with your body. You'll get to practice yoga with an elite teacher and get to share so much more than just great classes!

Pre & Post-natal

  • As the baby grows within,
    A new life begins to blossom.
    Pregnancy can be a journey of ups and downs,
    But with each yoga pose,
    You'll find a sense of balance and peace.

    In the stillness of the mat,
    Let's connect with your breath and your baby.
    We build strength and flexibility,
    Preparing for the journey ahead.

    Reclaim your strength and vitality.
    With each mindful movement and breath,
    You nurture and care for yourself.
    As you navigate the transformative journey of pregnancy and beyond.

*Our private package classes offer a personalized experience to support your needs. Connect with us to schedule an intake*

Zwangerschaps Yoga Gorinchem

"Hey Mama, has anyone told you that you’re doing an awesome job?"

4 Rittenkaart


  • €13,-  per les
  • 2 maanden geldig
  • Available to purchase for yourself or as a gift

10 Rittenkaart


  • €11,-  per les
  • 3 maanden geldig
  • Available to purchase for yourself or as a gift

€81 €132


Krijg ongelimiteerd toegang tot alle lessen voor één maandelijks bedrag

Available to purchase for yourself or as a gift




Reboot your body and your mind. Build strength and flexibility, and form positive new habit.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

Liever een Prive les?

  • ENKELE LES VOLGEN? Je bent altijd welkom om een enkele les volgen voor €15,- Heb je hierna de smaak te pakken, dan verrekenen we dit met je nieuwe abonnement.
  • STUDENTEN KORTING Bij Yogihub krijgen studenten 15% korting op alle maandabonnementen op vertoon van een geldige collegekaart.
  • YOGIHUB - HAARSTRAAT 16, GORINCHEM Op de fiets het allermakkelijkst bereikbaar. Parkeren kan betaald op straat, op de Grote Markt (+2min, betaald), Kazerneplein (+3min, betaald), Kweeklust (+4min, betaald) of op 9 minuten loopafstand Buiten de Waterpoort (gratis op Donderdag avond)

Find us in the Yogihub on the Haarstraat 16 in Gorinchem

what people say


"Hi yogis: I've practiced vinyasa flow almost 8 years but I needed someone to help me upgrade my asana. She is very kind and energetic. Everytime I took her lesson, I felt so happy and relaxed because of her. She taught me not only yoga but also the way to live life being positive. Im back in Korea and keep practicing yoga by myself. I always miss my teacher Nes so much."


"Great yoga lessons, often intense, but also always relaxing for the mind. Helped me get my upper body strength back. Open atmosphere and nice co-students. Would definitely advice you to try some lessons and see if it is something for you."


"Yoga voor iedereen in Gorinchem. Zeer rustige, maar intensieve les in de oude ULO."


"As someone who never ever done any yoga the lessons with Nesa have been much fun. Any pose is still like a struggle and reminds me of muscles in my body that I never dreamt of and now they are there in my daily Life. How can you sweat so much from so little movement. But it's so more natural then fitness. I really like it."

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Sanne de KlarkSanne de Klark
14:30 24 Oct 22
Ik ga al 3,5 jaar met veelplezier naar de yoga lessen van Nesa. De lessen zijn nooit hetzelfde en er hangt een ontspannen sfeer. Mocht je ooit een yoga les overwegen, dan kan ik Nesa alleen maar van harte aanbevelen!
Silvana KlaasseSilvana Klaasse
12:48 09 May 22
Nesa geeft een goede persoonlijke begeleiding tijdens de yoga les, waardoor iedereen mee kan doen. Het is een fijne, rustige omgeving en Nesa is motiverend en lief. Ik ga er graag weer elke week naartoe!
Attie TuinenburgAttie Tuinenburg
09:24 11 Sep 21
Heerlijke yogalessen, vaak intens, maar ook altijd ontspannend voor de geest. Hielp me de kracht van mijn bovenlichaam terug te krijgen. Open sfeer en leuke medestudenten. Zou je zeker aanraden om wat lessen te proberen en te kijken of het iets voor je is.
Lars KonijnenbergLars Konijnenberg
20:08 05 Dec 19
Leuke Yoga lessen voor zowel beginners als gevorderden. Lekkere workout om je spieren soepel te houden en spierkracht te bevorderen.
Bianca EBianca E
22:08 25 Nov 19
Geen zweverig gedoe. Yoga met Nesa staat garant voor een flinke workout, maar zijn goed te volgen voor starters. De lessen worden voornamelijk Engelstalig gegeven.
Berna VerstappenBerna Verstappen
19:36 21 Nov 19
Yoga voor iedereen in Gorinchem. Zeer rustige, maar intensieve les in de oude ULO.

Want to work with me privately?

Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked

Do I need to bring my own Yoga mat?

No need! I have basic yoga mats available for students to use. All-though experience tells most students prefer their own mats once they practice more. This also gives you the ability to bring the practice home!

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, I have the option to privately teach you and guide you through your personal journey into Yoga. Feel free to contact me through the contact form or via phone at 06-1103 3074

I've never done yoga, what should I do now?

Let's say you are completely new to yoga. Don't worry! We've all been there. Yoga is very much a personal practice. Even though we practice in a group setting you will always be going through your own limits and capabilities. Nothing has to be done and always feel free to go at your own pace.

If you want to have a chat prior to starting, because you are new. Just don't know what to do. Or have any special medical questions feel free to message me or pop by before the lessons to discuss it in private.

What is the best way to contact you

If you have any questions around yoga, your practice, health or just want to have a quick chat. You can always send us an email, contact us via whatsapp or just pop by before one of the lessons.

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